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Crane Spare Parts

  • Pulley Block
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    Pulley Block

    Pulley block The pulley block is composed of a fixed pulley and a movable pulley, which is both labor saving and can change the direction of the force. pulley block is by around a central shaft rotating grooved disk and across the disc of the soft cable (rope, tape, wire...
  • Hook Group
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    Hook Group

    hook group Hook group is a most common spreader in crane. According to the shape of the hook is divided into singleanddouble hookhook; according to the manufacturing method for forging hook and laminated hook. Single hook has the advantages of simple manufacture, convenient,...
  • Wheel Group
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    Wheel Group

    Wheel group Wheel and axle, bearing and bearing box and other components of the wheel group. The wheel is used to support the crane and the load, and on the track to make the crane run back and forth. The main damage form of the wheel is wear, hardening layer crushing and...
  • Coupling
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    Coupling Brief Introduction Used to join different organizations in the two axis (the driving shaft and the driven shaft) mechanical parts to rotate together to transfer torque. Overloaded power transmission at high speed, some couplings and buffering, vibration and improve...
  • Drum Group
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    Drum Group

    drum group Reel group is an important part of lifting machinery and equipment, drum group is an important part of lifting machinery and equipment. Notice: if the lifting height is higher, in order to reduce the reel size, the surface with guidance of spiral grooves or smooth...
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