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L-Shape Single Girder Double Girder Gantry Crane 20t Details
Features/Advantages of L-Shape Single Girder Double Girder Gantry Crane : 

1. High efficiency with smooth and silent running.
2. Suitable for high lifting capacities and heavy duty class
3. Minimum investment requirements for maximum space optimization
4. Safe and smooth running with safety accessories
5. Reasonable, compact and beautiful structure
6. Smooth starting and stopping performance
7. Low noise, commodious cabin and good view space
8. Maintenance-free for lifting mechanism and excellent changeability for spare parts
9. Energy saving with minimum possible power
10. All electric parts from world famous brands
11. 2 years spare parts to avoid any delays once breaking down occurs
12. Suitable for industry power supply around the world
13. Precise and experienced designing to save each coin for clients
14. Overloading, over-volt, over-current protections included to ensure 100% safety
15. Accurate designing and advanced device to guarantee synchronous running in each side

Specifications Chart of L-Shape Single Girder Double Girder Gantry Crane :

Lifting Height(m)<=18
Speed(m/min)Crane Traveling Speed: 3/30 4/40
Cross Traveling Speed: 2/20
Lifting Speed: As per hoist
(0.8/5 0.66/4 1.0/6.3 1.3/8 1.6/10)
Control MethodPendant Control; Remote Control
Cabinet Control
Work DutyA3-A7
Power SourceAC-3P 240-440V 50/60HZ
ApplicationsWorkshop Warehouse Logistics
Iron & Steel, Plastics, Stones
Raiways, Subways, Constructions
Shafts, Glasses, Military etc