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Double Girder  QE Model Crane for Sale

Double Girder QE Model Crane for Sale

Crane, Overhead Crane, Double Girder Overhead Crane manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Working Principle of Double Girder Magnet Crane for Sale, Low Head Room Single Girder Overhead Crane for Saving Construction Cost, HD Type Single Girder Overhead Crane with Lowhead Room Hoist and so on.

Product Details

Product Description
Double Girder QE Model Crane for Sale

This bridge crane is a special product equipped with electromagnetic chuck that used to lift iron or steel blocks, cylinders and so on. 

It consists of bridge, crane travelling mechanism, trolley, electric equipment and electromagnetic chuck. 

Magnetic retentive is 10 minutes after power shut. 

The shape of electromagnet can be designed according to adsorptive goods.

Features Double Girder QE Model Crane for Sale:

1. Lifting material: Cast ingot, steel scraps, steel ball, steel billets
2. Wide use in steel plant, smelting plant, waste warehouse
3. High working efficiency,
4. Perfect performance, low maintenance
This crane mainly consists of strong bridge beams, crane travelling mechanism, electric winch trolley and electric system and electromagnetic disk system.
Technical Parameter of Double Girder QE Model Crane for Sale:

Rated Lifting Capacity
t516/3.2(Main hanger electromagnetic)32/5(Aux. hanger electromagnetic)
Working systemA6
Max. Lifting Heightm1616/1816/18
Aux. Hook
Crab travelling39.544.642.4
Trolley travelling115.6116.8112.5101.4101.4101.886.8
MotorHoistingElectromageticType kWYZR200L-6/22YZR250M2-6/45YZR200l-6/22
Aux. Hook
Crab travellingYZR112M-6/15YZR132M2-6/3.7YZR160m1-6/5.5
Trolley travellingYZR132M1-6/2X5.5YZR160M2-6/2X7.5YZR160M2-6/2X7.5YZR160L-6/2X11YZR160L-6/2X11YZR180L-8/2X11
Total Weight13.3614.9816.9219.7522.2826.6529.9732.9720.6122.1124.428.231.535.6639.3642.8231.2434.539.8544.1848.5652.2457.14
Max. wheel loadkN74.58086.594101.5113121.5128.5146153161174182193204214258272289304317327340
Electro-magnetic diskModelMW5-90LMW5-165LMW5-90L
Attracting weightkg4200125004200
Dead weight8003200800
Steel track Recommended38kg/m43kg/m Qu70Qu70
We can design cranes meets your need, it would be very kind of you to give us the data needed listed below:
1. Lifting capacity.
2. Span length. (cantilever length)
3. Lifting height. (hook center to ground)
4. Power supply: Voltage.
5. Do you need rails? How long is the crane traveling distance?
6. Working condition: Which material to lift? Temprature?
7. Would be better if you have drawings of your plant.

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